“Perfect is the enemy of good” 




At sixty, I have a few minor health problems. Nothing that makes me too crazy. Things that are annoying some days, troublesome at times, downright painful at intervals. These ailments do several things for me. 

1) They remind me that I am indeed aging.  (This is better than the alternative, yes?)

2) They make me really appreciate the days when I wake up feeling really, really good.  (I think I had one or maybe two of these last year!)

3) They help me to set reasonable limits on my mental and physical activity.  (I know that hiking that extra three miles or staying up to write one more blog post will definitely not be a good idea, but sometimes I do it anyway) 

4) They remind me that moderation, good diet, and sleep are really important. Really.  (Uh, yeah, okay.....)

5) They push me to do things, go places, and experience things that otherwise I might just blow off.  (Red eye flights might really be fun, and of course I’ll do the Porsche challenge this spring!) 

My patients also battle with ailments large and small, life threatening and not. 

The first few folks I saw today were doing well! They were better! Really better. It makes for such a good Monday when things start off this way. 

Funny though, even when some of my patients spend the first twenty five minutes of a thirty minute appointment telling me how much better they are, they always seem to focus on that little thing that keeps things from being perfect. Something is still not quite right, not gone completely, not fixed. 

Perfect is the enemy of good.  

Whether it’s my own health or that of my patients, we all need to understand that better is indeed good!

Perfect is rarely attainable.

Maybe not even desirable.  

Happiness today is being better.  



A Moveable Feast

A Moveable Feast